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How To Make The Most Of Your Detached Garage

You may not realize it, but your detached garage has a lot of potential. If you choose not to park your car in the garage, there are several other ways you can utilize the space. By remodeling it with these ideas, you can create more usable square footage that you might not have in your home.


Heating, Cooling, and Insulation

Back accessRegardless of what you are going to use your detached garage for, you will want to make sure that it stays warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. The best way to do this is to have the garage insulated. The insulation will keep the heat in during the winter months, and the cool in during the summer months.

When it comes to heating your detached garage, you do not need to spend a great deal of money on a heating system. A good space heater should keep the garage warm enough. Because most detached garages are relatively small, just a little bit of heat will effectively fill up the space for the amount of time you are out there.

When it comes to cooling your garage, as long as you have a window, you can put in an air conditioner. If you do not have a window in the garage large enough for an air conditioner, you can purchase a floor unit. These air conditioners work just as well as window units.

Deciding What To Do With the Garage

When you are trying to decide what you want to do with your detached garage, you should think about how you could use it best. You do not want to turn your garage into an auto workshop if you do not even know how to check your oil. Below are a few ideas for making use of your detached garage.

  • Workshop. If you enjoy building things in your spare time, turning your detached garage into a workshop is a great idea. You can include a table to do your work on and create storage space for tools and paints. Just make sure there is proper ventilation if you will be using things with fumes or strong smells, like paints and stains.
  • Kid Room. Turning your detached garage into a room for the kids is a great idea. You can add a couch a few chairs, and a television. This way, your children will have a place to hang out with their friends in a fun getaway while not being too far from the house.
  • Man Cave. All men would love to have an area of the house that is their own. Turning your detached garage into a man cave is a great idea. You can entertain friends without worrying about making too much noise. Because the garage is detached from the rest of the house, your friends coming and going will not disrupt the rest of the family.
  • Guest bedroom. If you often have overnight guests, turning your detached garage into a guest room is a great idea. You can add a bed, dresser, and maybe a desk. You can also decorate the garage to make it look more homey. If you are willing to spend the extra money, you can add a bathroom to your garage, making it a proper guest suite.
  • Storage Area. Finding room to store items in your home can be difficult. If you need additional storage space, your detached garage is a great idea. You can add shelves to use the vertical space well, or even add overhead storage or a storage loft.


Just because you don’t park in the garage doesn’t mean it is useless. With some furniture, accessories, and a little TLC, your detached garage can become whatever you imagine.

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