kitchen remodel with butcher block island and modern finishes

What To Expect During Your Remodel

Most home remodeling projects start out with a dream. Pair that dream with the right contractor and budget, and you end up with the perfect combination. It’s important that as a dreamer you have realistic expectations and understand all that a remodeling project will entail. Construction is a field where even the best contractors can’t promise a perfect experience. We make every effort to deliver a seamless experience and exceptional product, however, there are some elements that no one can control. We have the proficiency, competence, and experience in our business to successfully deal with different circumstances that can arise.

Here are 10 things to keep in mind for your next remodel.

1. Ask Questions: Communication is key in every relationship. Our team is always ready to answer your questions. Our job is to take you through the entire scope of work, step by step. We are happy to explain why we are doing something or let you know how changing something mid-job affects the rest of the project. By talking, hopefully, we can reduce issues that stem from a lack of communication.

2. It’s Gonna Get Dirty: We have the expectation that our crew cleans up when the workday is done, but you’ll still feel and see the remnants of the day. Dust, materials, and other construction debris are unavoidable. If this is something that bothers you, we can always use temporary walls and cover vents with an air filter for an additional cost. While this is not a total solution — there will still be some dust and debris — these steps could lessen the severity of the mess.

3. Commotion: Construction is disruptive and noisy. Unfortunately, there’s no way around it. If you work from home, you may want to plan to go elsewhere during the job. If you have children, outings are helpful. Otherwise, keep in mind that it can be very distracting to have people and tools walking, talking, thumping, screeching, and banging in your home.

4. Material Choices and Other Decisions: It can seem like there are endless questions to answer and choices to be made, from what materials you want to where an outlet is placed. We like to make sure the client gets what they want, so we will look to you for direction. Of course, we are happy to look at your Houzz profile, Pinterest board and give design guidance—again, communication is a big part of our job.

5. Time and Money: Time and money are precious commodities, and we’ll do our best to minimize them. However, remodels need both of these to get a job done, especially if you’re working with an experienced professional. Take a deep breath and do your research. Professional contractors strive for accurate estimates and time frames, but if you change things (create a change order) mid-job, it can add to your costs and timeline. Tip: Have a base budget, but add a reserve for unforeseen costs or changes. It can alleviate stress if you’ve already thought about the possibility. Budgeting for 10 to 20 percent above the contract is usually a good rule of thumb. Also, be realistic in the beginning about how much a project “should” cost. Often in construction, you get what you pay for. Remember, there is a difference between getting a good deal and wasting your money on a cheap remodel. Did you know we offer great financing options in minutes?

6. Changes to the Timeline: Weather, illness, material malfunctions, hidden structural issues, additions to the original job, and a variety of other unforeseen issues can extend your timeline. The smoothest remodels are the ones where clients are resilient, prepared, and communication remains consistent. Tip: As with the costs, tack on a reserve of time, just in case the unforeseen happens.

7. Unwelcome Surprises: You could face any number of surprise circumstances, from permitting & existing unforeseen code compliance issues to outdated plumbing and wiring. While it might seem like a huge setback at the time, making the necessary repairs will give you a safer house in the end.

8. A Rollercoaster of Highs and Lows: The remodeling process is exhilarating, terrifying, exciting, and stressful. You’ll most likely run the gamut of emotions as you have people swarming your house and disrupting your day-to-day routine. We do everything we can to minimize the chaos and anticipate unforeseen events. Just remember-eventually the ride will come to a complete stop, life will return to normal, and you will finally be able to enjoy the finished product!

9. Final Details: Before we can say, “it’s done,” you’ll most likely need to check off a few last items on the punch list. A punch list is a list of items that need to be finished prior to project completion, such as touch-ups, repairs, or fine-tuning.

10. Time to Celebrate: Invite friends, family, and our team—it’s time to show off the results of your remodel! A party is an ideal way to blow off some steam, let people sympathize with the process, and do the big reveal. It makes it all worth it.

At DFW Improved we take your thoughts, desires, and needs very seriously, putting a premium on your experience and the final product. We believe that the best measure of a company is how they achieve success regardless of obstacles. DFW Improved looks forward to helping you with all your remodeling needs and being your partner every step of the way!


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