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10 Back to School Organization Tips

After enjoying the freedom of summer vacation, it can feel hectic getting ready to send the kids back to school. Take the time to set up a few back to school organization methods so you can make the transition easier for everyone in the family and help you have an A+ school year.

1. Snack Attack

What’s the first thing most children say the moment they arrive home from school? “I’m hungry!” If they eat too big of an after school snack they may not have room for dinner. Keep a basket of pre-portioned, healthy snacks on your kitchen counter so your child can quickly refuel without overeating.

2. Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards aren’t just for schools anymore. Set one up at home so you can keep track of important papers. Use ribbon to divide the board into sections for each child and you’ll never have to go digging for a lost permission slip again.

3. Backpack Caddy

Create a space in your home where you child can store their book bag, lunchbox, and other items they carry to school each day. This back to school organization station will keep everything neat and tidy and keep things from getting lost in your child’s room.

4. Homework Desk

Every child needs a homework area where they can study and complete assignments, so make sure they have an area with no distractions. Stock the desk with pens, pencils, paper, crayons, rulers, and anything else your child needs for homework.

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5. Pre-Planned Outfits

Getting your children up and ready in the mornings is one of the hardest parts of the day for many families. Simplify your morning routine by hanging outfits together on one hanger in your child’s closet, and print off small tags to identify which outfit they will wear each day.

6. Sticky Notes

When you’re trying to rush your kids out the door in the mornings, it’s easy to forget important things you need to do or bring. A simple back to school organization technique is to put sticky note reminders on the door. Once you’re in the habit of checking your notes before you walk out the door, you’ll remember these things more easily.

7. Lunch Money

If your child tends to lose their lunch money, send it in a sealed, labeled envelope with both your child’s name and the teacher’s. Check with the school to see if you can pay several weeks or months in advance.

8. Procrastination Protection

Children sometimes wait until the night before a big project is due to start working on it, or even to mention that they have a project. Prevent late night runs to the store by keeping a stash of poster board, construction paper, and other project essentials on hand.

9. Key Holder

Put a key caddy on the wall near the front door where you can hang your keys in the evening. They’ll be right where you left them when you’re in the morning rush.

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10. Filing System

Every home needs a filing cabinet or box. At the beginning of the year, create a file folder for each subject your child takes. Have another folder for parent-teacher notes, receipts, test scores, etc. Use these folders to organize and store important papers that are sent home.

With these back to school organization tips and tricks, your family will be fully prepared to tackle that first day of school.

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