Home Improvement Rebate Program

01The City of Dallas is now offering a program that encourages and supports homeowners in home updating and maintenance projects. Through this program, homeowners are awarded a percentage of money to help them complete those projects, beautifying the community and improving the economy. 

Several factors such as the age of the home and the market value of the property are taken into consideration when deciding whether one qualifies for the rebate program. While there are certain projects that are not eligible for the rebate, qualifying could help you give your space the updates it needs!  

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How to Choose a Top Home Remodeler in Dallas TX

How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor

01 What is the biggest mistake people make when choosing a remodeling contractor? Is the old saying is really true, you get what you pay for?! We see this so often in the home remodeling business. If you want quality construction, it’s important to choose a Remodeling Contractor because of the value you will receive.

It is impossible for any company in any industry to offer the cheapest price, have the highest quality, and provide the best service all at the same time. You can get high quality and superior service, but rarely will you get both and still get the lowest price.

Value = Quality + Service + Price 

To avoid buying on price alone, we suggest that you visit with several contractors and rank them in the order that is important to you, such as Quality first, Service second, and Price last. In addition, you must carefully compare the scope of work for each company. Are they truly bidding the same project? Ask for and check out their references. What do past clients have to say? Are they happy with the end result?

Review the proposed home remodeling contractor carefully online. Do they have a website? Do you feel like they have heard you and can they carry out your vision? The end result is that you will get what you pay for. The money you might have saved with a cheaper price could end up costing you far more in the long run!

Why DFW Improved

We know your Dallas, Texas home deserves to be the best version of itself for you and your family. We do everything from new room additions like dining areas, offices, and bonus rooms, to full-service kitchen and bath remodeling, to giving you an entirely new outdoor living area, or even building that high-end media room you’ve always wanted.

We know you have many choices for home remodeling contractors. But whatever you do, avoid a major Makeover Mistake and be sure to hire experts that can help make your dreams a reality.

Who We Serve

If you are in the market for home repair or remodeling in Dallas TX or surrounding areas, DFW Improved would love to help you! With a commitment to helping home owners achieve their dreams for their homes, we deliver home remodeling projects, roof replacement, and even complete home restoration after a fire or flood damage. 

As an award-winning service provider recognized for building excellence, we can provide home remodeling, restoration, and renovation to improve your Dallas, Texas home value and your quality of life. You will find your project completed to your satisfaction when you hire a company that does everything from start to finish. At DFW Improved, our motto has always been to leave it better than we found it – we want to achieve total client satisfaction, and even go beyond that for client loyalty.  We believe in building relationships as strong as our homes.

Imagine Your Home Improved.

A home renovation is always a complex task whether it’s a tiny bathroom, a kitchen update, or a new room addition. For most homeowners, making important design decisions for new products, building materials, colors and finishes is overwhelming. Choosing things that enhance the style of your home and provide updated design appeal can be difficult, but visiting a local showroom can make your design decisions much easier.

Ready for your very own DFW Improved experience?
Schedule a visit to showroom today or contact us for an estimate for your remodeling project!

What to Expect When Renovating Your Dallas Home

What to Expect

01 Most home remodeling projects start with a dream. Pair that with the right contractor and budget, and you end up with the beautiful combination. We make every effort to set the right expectations and deliver a seamless experience. While there are some elements that no one can control, we have the proficiency, competence, and expertise in our business to successfully deal with these circumstances and give you an exceptional product.

Here are 10 things to keep in mind for your next remodel:

  1. Ask Questions: Communication is critical in every relationship.  Our job is to take you through the entire scope of work, step by step. We are happy to explain why we are doing something or let you know how changing something mid-job affects the rest of the project. 
  2. It’s Gonna Get Dirty: Our crew cleans up at the end of the workday, but you’ll still feel and see the remnants of the day. Dust, materials, and other construction debris are unavoidable.
  3. Commotion: Construction is disruptive and noisy. Unfortunately, there’s no way around it. If you work from home or have small children, you may want to plan to go elsewhere throughout the project. 
  4. Decisions, Decisions: It can seem like there are endless questions to answer and choices to be made. We like to make sure that you get what you want. We will look to you for direction and give design guidance, when requested.
  5. Time and Money: Time and money are precious commodities, and we’ll do our best to minimize both. Our professional contractors strive for accurate estimates and time frames. Tip: Have a base budget, but add a reserve for unforeseen expenses or changes. 
  6. Changes to the Timeline: Weather, illness, material malfunctions, hidden structural issues, additions to the original job, and a variety of other unforeseen problems can extend your timeline. Clients with the smoothest remodel are resilient, prepared, and communication remains consistent.
  7. Unwelcome Surprises: You could face any number of surprise circumstances, from permitting & existing unforeseen code compliance issues to outdated plumbing and wiring. Remember, making necessary repairs will give you a safer home in the end.
  8. Highs and Lows: The remodeling process is exhilarating, terrifying, exciting, and stressful. We do everything we can to minimize the chaos and anticipate unforeseen events. Remember, life will return to normal, and you will finally be able to enjoy the finished product!
  9. Final Details: Before we can say, “it’s done,” you’ll most likely need to check off a few last items on the punch list. A punch list is things that need finishing before project completion, such as touch-ups, repairs, or fine-tuning.
  10. Time to Celebrate: Invite friends, family, and our team—it’s time to show off the results of your remodel! A reveal party is an ideal way to blow off some steam. It makes it all worth it.

Kitchen Upgrades with Big Impact

01 Are you tired of your old, outdated kitchen but believe you don’t have the money or the time to update? You can give your kitchen an entirely new look and feel with these simple kitchen upgrades that make a BIG impact.

  • Paint the cabinets
  • Install new countertops
  • Add a backsplash
  • Update Fixtures
  • Hardware
  • Appliances
02 A more modern kitchen with a fresh, new look is something a lot of homeowners want but think they can’t have because it will require too much time, effort, and money. Luckily for you, there are plenty of kitchen upgrades that you can make without breaking the bank! By updating just a few things that matter the most, you can create the impression of a fully remodeled kitchen with just a fraction of the time and effort. Read more...

Visit our Showroom


If you plan to redesign a room in your home, you’ll find that the sheer number of design options can be overwhelming. Most people flip through paint samples and catalogues, crossing their fingers and hoping that what they choose will work out in the end. Fortunately, there is a much better way. The best and easiest way to redesign a room in your home is to visit a design showroom. Here are just a few of the benefits of going to a design showroom.

  • See and feel the materials you are considering 
  • Find inspiration for your project
  • Get to know our team
  • Expert advice and assitance
  • Read more

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Local Reviews
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Very dependable service ! I always knew that their employees would do everything possible to make sure that I was happy with their work. I knew I could count on them, and that is as good as it gets anywhere !

Map of Dallas, TX

Amazing company!

My husband and I were so pleased with DFWImproved on our bathroom project . The attention to detail and concern with our satisfaction was great. Luis, the project manager, was very thorough and explained the work every step!!

Map of Dallas, TX

Great company and awesome result!

We are very pleased with our new master bath! Gabi Sperry was an excellent coordinator. Kristie Uzelac helped with beautiful product selections; and, Luis Resendez was an outstanding on-site manager. All were easy to work with and communication was always prompt. No big surprises during the process and the entire project was completed on time as estimated! Thanks all for a job well done! We love it!!

Map of Dallas, TX

Good quality and communication

We reached out to DFW Improved early in the year and the work was completed in May. We had room for our home-office created in our garage as well as remove the carpet from a bedroom and install wood floor. Wood was installed in the office as well. Overall, the quality is great. The carpenter matched the built-in bookcase to the house, so it looks seamless. Communication was also good between the DFW Improved rep and I. Although it took a bit more time than I expected, it was all worth the wait.

Map of Dallas, TX

Outstanding Project Manager

Chad Edwards was a wonderful project manager. He handled any issue both big and small throughout the seven month project. He made sure to communicate with both myself and my husband daily making sure we knew exactly what was currently going on. Our next home project will be with DFW Improved and I’ll request Chad for our project manager. I have already referred DFW to do three neighbors projects and referred Chad to be their project manager.

Heath O.

Heath O.

Insurance for kitchen

Near Sandestin Dr, Dallas, TX 75287
Carlos B.

Carlos B.

Master Bathroom Remodel

Near Ranchita Dr, Dallas, TX 75248
Carlos B.

Carlos B.


Near Voss Rd, Dallas, TX 75287
Luis R.

Luis R.

Checking in on a finalized closet addition to bedroom in Dallas / White Rock

Near Lakeshore Dr, Dallas, TX 75214
Luis R.

Luis R.

Checking in on a roof repair and laundry room remodel in Dallas

Near Preston Crest Ln, Dallas, TX 75230
Kristie U.

Kristie U.

Picking up tile samples for a customer at Marazzi Tile.

Near Columbia Center Dr, Dallas, TX 75229
Kristie U.

Kristie U.

Meeting a client at MSI Stone to help them select slabs for their upcoming kitchen remodel!

Near Valley Branch Ln, Dallas, TX 75234
Gary S.

Gary S.

Whole house makeover in Dallas

Near Goodwin Ave, Dallas, TX 75206
Dallas, TX - Whole house makeover in Dallas
Chad E.

Chad E.

Outdoor living with fireplace.

Near Hockaday Dr, Dallas, TX 75229
Carlos B.

Carlos B.


Near Baxtershire Dr, Dallas, TX 75230

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