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Expert Home Renovation and Remodeling in Parker TX

Discover unparalleled comfort in Parker as you overcome the challenge of finding a reliable remodeling contractor with DFW Improved, your destination for high-end home transformations. Reimagine your kitchen, bathroom, and beyond with our bespoke services that guarantee luxury tailored to your individuality, expertly delivered by a team committed to excellence at every step, ensuring your revamped space embodies sophistication and personal style.

Make Your Home Beautiful with DFW Improved

Parker TX’s Go-To Home Remodeler for 20 Years

At DFW Improved, your vision for a high-end home renovation in Parker, TX, springs to life. Our competent team of residential remodelers is passionate about creating spaces that echo your personal taste and lifestyle.

Whether you desire a complete home transformation or need a dedicated home remodeler in Parker, TX, we apply our more than 20 years of experience for your benefit. From elegant bathroom remodels to fashionable kitchen updates and more, we deliver a streamlined and bespoke renovation experience. Discover why homeowners in Parker, TX, entrust their spaces to our expert hands.

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Modern Kitchen and Living Room Remodel by DFW Improved in Parker TX

Our Home Renovation Services in Parker TX

We provide an extensive range of renovation solutions that address every aspect of your property. Leveraging our knowledge and skill, we revitalize dated interior designs, morphing them into contemporary, beautiful environments.

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Kitchen Remodeling

DFW Improved is the leading Kitchen Remodeler in Parker TX

At the heart of every Parker home is the kitchen—a place of gathering, creation, and everyday moments. DFW Improved is proud to offer kitchen remodeling services in Parker, with a focus on transforming the commonplace into the extraordinary. As a distinguished kitchen remodeler near Parker, we blend functionality with custom luxury, ensuring your renovated kitchen stands as a testament to elegance and practicality. With our expertise as a kitchen remodeling contractor near Parker, your culinary space will be meticulously tailored to your needs, ushering in an era of custom kitchen renovations in Parker that redefine the heart of your home.
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Kitchen Remodel by DFW Improved in Parker TX
Luxury Kitchen Remodeling by DFW Improved in Parker TX

Luxury Kitchen

Engage in the splendor of top-tier appliances, exceptional materials, and personalized designs with our luxury kitchen remodeling offerings. Our commitment is to forge a space where convenience and function blend with luxury.

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Custom Kitchen Design by DFW Improved in Parker TX


Our kitchen designers collaborate with you to develop a kitchen plan that maximizes space and amplifies your home's beauty. We consider your cooking preferences, spatial requirements, and design sensibilities to create a kitchen that's in harmony with your living habits.

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets by DFW Improved in Parker TX

Custom Kitchen

Pre-made cabinets may not always align with specific storage desires. That's when our tailor-made kitchen cabinets come into play, ensuring your kitchen is used to its fullest potential.

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Ready to create the kitchen of your dreams in Parker TX

Eager to elevate your Parker home with DFW Improved? Contact us to commence a thrilling home renovation adventure. Our pledge is to transform your home enhancement aspirations into reality.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Premier Bathroom Remodeler in Parker TX

Elevate your home sanctuary with our bathroom remodels in Parker, where luxury meets tranquility. As the leading bathroom remodeler in Parker, DFW Improved takes pride in crafting serene retreats that reflect your penchant for indulgence and relaxation. Homeowners seeking exquisite bathroom renovations near Parker find solace in our dedication to creating spaces that serve as personal havens. Trust us, your premier bathroom remodeling contractor near Parker, to transform your bathroom into an exquisite oasis that celebrates your unique lifestyle.
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Modern Bathroom Remodeling by DFW Improved in Parker TX
Luxury Bathroom Remodeling by DFW Improved in Parker TX

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling

Immerse yourself in sophistication with our luxury bathroom remodeling services in Parker. As the distinguished luxury bathroom remodeler in the area, we're passionately committed to transforming your everyday space into a lavish sanctuary that promises the utmost serenity. Revel in a custom, high-end retreat that celebrates your pursuit of luxury and relaxation right in the comfort of your Parker home.
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Bathroom Design by DFW Improved in Parker TX


Harnessing our expertise as prominent bathroom designers near Parker, we blend functionality with elegance to bring your personal sanctuary to life. Our tailored designs are meticulously crafted to complement your distinctive tastes, ensuring your bathroom is a true reflection of you. Every detail is considered to transform your space into a one-of-a-kind retreat within the comfort of your Parker home.
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Shower Remodeling by DFW Improved in Parker TX


At DFW Improved, we are the premier shower remodelers near Parker, offering tailored solutions ranging from subtle enhancements to grand, comprehensive shower system transformations. Specializing in tub-to-shower conversions, our seasoned team is adept at creating a shower remodel near Parker that reflects your aesthetic and functional desires and sets a new standard in luxury bathing experiences.
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Ready to transform your bathroom in Parker TX?

Venture into your bathroom renovation project with DFW Improved and experience our devotion to high-quality materials and unmatched craftsmanship. Reach out to us and start the journey toward turning your bathroom into a sophisticated sanctuary.

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Room Additions

Custom Room Additions Near Parker TX

At DFW Improved, we understand that your home should be a reflection of its occupants. We extend our room addition prowess to the Parker region, infusing every project with our acute attention to detail. If you're contemplating extra living space, a new office, or a specific area such as a game room, our home addition specialists in Parker are here to materialize your aspirations.

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Pool House - Room Addition services by DFW Improved in Parker TX
Sun Room Home Extension by DFW Improved in Parker TX


Home extensions are the ideal solution for adding square footage to your current residence without the need to relocate. Our home extension services in Parker span an array of options—kitchen and bathroom expansions, and adding entire new levels to your home.

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Attic Conversion by DFW Improved in Parker TX


A resourcefully converted attic can yield substantial extra living space, whether it be an extra bedroom, playroom, or private office. Our attic conversion professionals in Parker can transform an underused attic into a welcoming and practical expansion of your living quarters.

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Gate Room Addition by DFW Improved in Parker TX

Game Rooms &
Safe Rooms

f you crave a purpose-built game room or a safe room in your residence, DFW Improved is equipped to handle such distinctive enhancements. Our expertise in room construction in Parker encompasses a wide range of personalized additions, focusing both on enjoyment and safety without sacrificing design.

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Broaden your possibilities with a personalized room addition in Parker TX

Expanding your living space in Parker with DFW Improved means a hassle-free experience ensured by our attention to detail and deep expertise. Reach out today to begin the expansion of your home and enrich your lifestyle.

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Outdoor Living

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space in Parker TX

Indulge in the splendor of opulent outdoor living in Parker with DFW Improved's unmatched design and construction services. As the go-to outdoor living space design-build firm, we pride ourselves on tailoring your home's exterior to your vision of luxury and functionality.

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Outdoor Living Project by DFW Improved in Parker TX
Outdoor Kitchen by DFW Improved in Parker TX


Dreaming of an outdoor kitchen haven? As preeminent outdoor kitchen constructors in Parker, consider your dream fulfilled. Our skilled construction team excels in creating outdoor kitchens that seamlessly blend functionality with exquisite design aesthetics.

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Covered Patio by DFW Improved in Parker TX


Enhance your home with a captivating patio, courtesy of DFW Improved's experienced construction team. With a mastery in patio design, we expertly create alluring extensions to your living space, inclusive of top-quality coverings tailored for Parker residences.

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Ready to embrace the beauty of outdoor living in Parker TX?

Embrace the elite Parker outdoor lifestyle with DFW Improved as your guide. Our experts are ready to assist in realizing your ideal outdoor living space. Contact us today to embark on this journey.

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Elevating Homes in Parker TX with Expert Renovations and Diverse Home Services

DFW Improved is synonymous with not only stunning interiors but also enhancing how you experience and function within your home. We offer a diverse portfolio of services designed to meet every requirement, consistently showcasing our signature luxury and unique approach. Explore how we can support aging-in-place, erect a modern garage, or restore your home post adverse occurrences.

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Universal design - Aging in Place services by DFW Improved in Parker TX


Aging-In-Place Specialist in
Parker TX

As homeowners in Parker increasingly choose to age-in-place, DFW Improved provides leading aging-in-place solutions. Be it comprehensive remodels or advice from seasoned specialists, we have the resources to shape your home into a secure, comfortable environment that meets the demands of maturing lifestyles, from minor adjustments to grand modifications.

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Custom Garage Workshop by DFW Improved in Parker TX

Custom Garages & Workshops

Custom Garages & Workshops in
Parker TX

Elevate your garage into an inspiring workspace with DFW Improved. As Parker's top-rated custom garage builders, we merge aesthetic brilliance with functional design to catalyze creativity and efficiency right in your personal realm.

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Insurance Restoration - Before and After- by DFW Improved in Parker TX

Insurance Restoration

Insurance Restoration Contractor in
Parker TX

DFW Improved is dedicated to alleviating the distress of Parker homeowners dealing with property damage. Specializing in water and fire damage restoration, we meticulously oversee insurance claims and restore residences promptly, letting you reclaim normal life at the earliest convenience.

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Home Repair Services in Parker TX

DFW Improved serves as your partner in maintaining your home's excellent standing in Parker. We tackle a range of repairs, from common fix-ups to complex challenges, extending beyond to enhance both your home's aesthetic and utility.

Painting project by DFW Improved in Parker TX


Full Service Painting Company in
Parker TX

Revitalize your home with our exterior and interior painting services. We deliver more than just a fresh coat—our painting elevates, complements, and continuously delights. Trust our precision and artistry for a finish that integrates seamlessly with your Parker home.

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New Roof installation by DFW Improved in Parker TX


Roofing Contractor near in
Parker TX

For all roofing endeavors in Parker, DFW Improved brings professional finesse to ensure each task is performed to the utmost standard, safeguarding the integrity and extending the life of your roof.

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Contemporary Flooring installed by DFW Improved in Parker TX


Flooring Contractor near
Parker TX

Transform your residence from the floor up with our adept flooring team in Parker, promising a harmonious blend of longevity, appeal, and craftsmanship that anchors the aesthetic of your living spaces.

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Enhance your home with DFW Improved's services in
Parker TX

Raise your Parker home's stature with DFW Improved's diverse portfolio of home enhancement services. From revitalizing paint jobs and sturdy roofing to sophisticated flooring, we're equipped and eager. Connect with us to commence your home's evolution.

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Trusted Home Remodeler in Parker TX

When it comes to a solid local reputation and the trust of the community, DFW Improved shines as the preferred home remodeler in Parker. Our innate grasp of regional nuances, combined with the personal touch we apply to every undertaking, fosters our status as the quintessential Parker home renovation firm.

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Insights on Home Remodeling in Parker TX

Navigating a home remodel in Parker, TX, means understanding the locality's architectural styles, specific permits, and regulations. DFW Improved offers a curated collection of FAQs and advice to streamline your remodel process. Let this guide inspire your decisions and lead to a rewarding home enhancement with us in Parker.

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Our Services Across Parker TX and Surrounding Areas
Proudly Serving the North Dallas area, including Collin County and most of Denton & NE Tarrant Counties

Beyond central Parker, TX, DFW Improved extends its exemplary home remodeling services. Committed to exceptional quality and meticulous detail, we cater to areas including:

  • Parker Lake Estates
  • Springhill Estates
  • Kings Crossing
  • McCreary Creek Estates
  • Dublin Road Estates

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