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Elevate your Lantana home and eliminate the hassles of finding a reliable remodeling contractor with DFW Improved – your one-stop destination for expert Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, and Room Additions. Expect nothing less than luxurious spaces that echo your individuality, all brought to life by a skilled team committed to excellence from conception to completion.

Make Your Home Beautiful with DFW Improved

Lantana TX’s Go-To Home Remodeler for 20 Years

Embark on a journey of luxury home renovation in Lantana, TX, with DFW Improved. Our team of home renovation specialists pledges to tailor spaces that capture your personal aesthetic and the essence of your lifestyle.

Whether you're seeking a full-scale home makeover or targeted remodeling services in Lantana, TX, our two decades of industry experience stand ready to assist you. We specialize in modern bathroom renovations, sleek kitchen upgrades, and more—a testament to our dedication to delivering a streamlined and individualized renovation experience. Discover why Lantana's residents entrust their homes to our masterful touch.

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Modern Kitchen and Living Room Remodel by DFW Improved in Lantana TX

Our Home Renovation Services in Lantana TX

Explore the wide range of renovation services we offer, addressing every aspect of your home. Our proficiency rejuvenates dated designs, transforming them into modern and stylish dwellings.

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Kitchen Remodeling

DFW Improved is the leading Kitchen Remodeler in Lantana TX

Understanding the heart of your home beats in the kitchen, DFW Improved delivers unparalleled kitchen remodeling services in Lantana. As a premier kitchen remodeler near Lantana, we’re committed to transforming ordinary kitchens into bespoke spaces of sophistication and practicality. Our kitchen remodeling contractor team near Lantana crafts each project meticulously, ensuring every custom kitchen renovation fulfills our Lantana clients' desire for both grandeur and everyday functionality.
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Kitchen Remodel by DFW Improved in Lantana TX
Luxury Kitchen Remodeling by DFW Improved in Lantana TX

Luxury Kitchen

Indulge in the opulence of state-of-the-art appliances, first-class materials, and tailored designs with our luxury kitchen renovation solutions. We create a harmonious blend of comfort, convenience, and splendor in your culinary space.

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Custom Kitchen Design by DFW Improved in Lantana TX


Our adept kitchen designers collaborate with you to conceive kitchen arrangements that elevate spatial efficiency and your home's visual allure. Respecting your culinary preferences, spatial needs, and design inclinations, we tailor a kitchen that is an authentic extension of your lifestyle.

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets by DFW Improved in Lantana TX

Custom Kitchen

Overcome the limitations of conventional cabinetry with our custom kitchen cabinet offerings. Tailored for your specific storage requirements, these cabinets maximize and optimize your kitchen space.

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Ready to create the kitchen of your dreams in Lantana TX

Are you ready to start your transformative home renovation in Lantana? Reach out to DFW Improved and embark on an extraordinary journey toward a breathtakingly renovated home. We're here to realize the home improvement dreams you envision.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Premier Bathroom Remodeler in Lantana TX

At DFW Improved, we specialize in bathroom remodels in Lantana, transforming the most intimate spaces into havens of indulgence and tranquility. Our reputation as the leading bathroom remodeler in Lantana is rooted in our ability to deliver meticulous renovations that reflect the unique styles and comforts of our clients. If you're seeking a bathroom remodeling contractor near Lantana, look no further. We commit to create an exquisite bathroom oasis that exceeds your expectations in every detail.
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Modern Bathroom Remodeling by DFW Improved in Lantana TX
Luxury Bathroom Remodeling by DFW Improved in Lantana TX

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling

Our luxury bathroom remodeling services in Lantana are about creating a serene and sumptuous atmosphere. Collaborating closely with homeowners, our talented team crafts bathrooms that perfectly blend practical luxury and chic elegance.

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Bathroom Design by DFW Improved in Lantana TX


Understanding the essence of ideal bathroom architecture, our expert bathroom designers in Lantana merge perfect form with practical function. Each customized design ensures your new bathroom aligns precisely with your individual requisites and expressions.

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Shower Remodeling by DFW Improved in Lantana TX


Elevate your daily bathing ritual with our exhaustive shower remodeling options. From uncomplicated shower updates in Lantana to sophisticated tub-to-shower transformations, we have the expertise to forge your ideal shower space, pushed by a commitment to superior outcomes and meticulous craftsmanship.

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Ready to transform your bathroom in Lantana TX?

Kick off your bathroom renovation project with DFW Improved today. Witness first-hand our dedication to exceptional quality in materials and workmanship. Contact us to convert your bathroom into the luxurious haven you deserve.

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Room Additions

Custom Room Additions Near Lantana TX

At DFW Improved, we understand the importance of personal space that's meticulously tailored to your lifestyle. As room addition contractors near Lantana, we specialize in crafting home extensions in Lantana that resonate with the unique character of each homeowner. Our team excels in custom room additions near Lantana, ensuring that every inch of your expanded living space mirrors your individual needs and desires. With a reputation as esteemed home addition contractors in Lantana, we commit to a seamless home additions remodeling process near Lantana that impeccably incorporates your vision into reality.
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Pool House - Room Addition services by DFW Improved in Lantana TX
Sun Room Home Extension by DFW Improved in Lantana TX


Expanding your home in Lantana has never been easier. From augmenting your kitchen to expanding your bathroom and even adding a new level to your home, we're here to realize your aspirations.

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Attic Conversion by DFW Improved in Lantana TX


A cleverly reimagined attic can substantially increase your living area. Whether you envision an extra guest room, a playroom, or a quiet home office, we can transform your attic into a versatile, inviting space.

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Gate Room Addition by DFW Improved in Lantana TX

Game Rooms &
Safe Rooms

For specialized additions such as a dedicated game room or a safe room, turn to DFW Improved. Our thoughtful construction practices in Lantana guarantee a balance between your safety needs and aesthetic preferences.

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Broaden your possibilities with a personalized room addition in Lantana TX

Reinventing your home with an expansion shouldn't be overwhelming. Opt for DFW Improved's room addition services and take the first step towards a more spacious and fulfilling home experience.

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Outdoor Living

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space in Lantana TX

Elevate your sanctuary with Luxury Outdoor Living near Lantana, courtesy of DFW Improved. As connoisseurs in outdoor living space design in Lantana, we weave extravagance and comfort into every inch of your outdoor domain. Enlist us, the premier Outdoor Living Contractor near Lantana, to envisage and construct a backyard paradise that's second to none. Our Outdoor Living Solutions near Lantana are bespoke, blending seamlessly with the serene Texas landscape to create your personal haven of outdoor elegance.
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Outdoor Living Project by DFW Improved in Lantana TX
Outdoor Kitchen by DFW Improved in Lantana TX


Imagine a chic outdoor kitchen that combines utility with relaxation; DFW Improved can transform this vision into reality in Lantana. Our outdoor kitchen designs are as functional as they are enchanting.

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Covered Patio by DFW Improved in Lantana TX


Extend your home's footprint with a captivating patio. Our expertise allows us to construct patios that reflect your style while providing a fresh, open-air extension to your indoor space. Trust in our proficiency to install a flawless patio cover that complements your home and lifestyle.

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Ready to embrace the beauty of outdoor living in Lantana TX?

Immerse yourself in the elegance of outdoor living with DFW Improved by your side. Let us bring your outdoor space aspirations to fruition in Lantana.

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Elevating Homes in Lantana TX with Expert Renovations and Diverse Home Services

At DFW Improved, our ambition is to go beyond crafting impressive interiors. We strive to enhance your daily living and the overall utility of your abode. Tailored to meet various needs, our services are designed with luxury in mind.

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Universal design - Aging in Place services by DFW Improved in Lantana TX


Aging-In-Place Specialist in
Lantana TX

DFW Improved offers premier solutions in Lantana in response to the growing trend of aging in place. Our certified professionals expertly modify your home to ensure it adapts to your changing lifestyle, prioritizing safety and comfort.

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Custom Garage Workshop by DFW Improved in Lantana TX

Custom Garages & Workshops

Custom Garages & Workshops in
Lantana TX

Revolutionize your standard garage into a remarkable workshop with our garage customization service in Lantana. Our dynamic approach combines practicality with aesthetics, fostering an organized, resourceful, and stylish space.

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Insurance Restoration - Before and After- by DFW Improved in Lantana TX

Insurance Restoration

Insurance Restoration Contractor in
Lantana TX

DFW Improved shoulders the heavy lifting when calamity impacts your home. Rely on our exquisite insurance restoration services in Lantana, which are dedicated to diligently handling insurance claims and swiftly and efficiently restoring your home.

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Home Repair Services in Lantana TX

DFW Improved is the dependable home repair partner in Lantana. Our comprehensive suite of services tackles everyday wear and tear as well as the more challenging aspects of home maintenance, enhancing the look and functionality of your residence.

Painting project by DFW Improved in Lantana TX


Full Service Painting Company in
Lantana TX

Infuse vibrancy into your abode with DFW Improved's painting services in Lantana. Whether it's sophisticated exterior painting or an interior refresh, we guarantee precision that aligns impeccably with your home's style.

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New Roof installation by DFW Improved in Lantana TX


Roofing Contractor near in
Lantana TX

Are you looking for roofing expertise in Lantana? DFW Improved is well-versed in delivering roofing solutions that uphold the highest quality standards and safeguard your roof's integrity and longevity.

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Contemporary Flooring installed by DFW Improved in Lantana TX


Flooring Contractor near
Lantana TX

Reimagine your home's ambiance with our flooring services in Lantana. Our methodical approach to flooring ensures an exceptional and lasting transformation for your home's foundation.

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Enhance your home with DFW Improved's services in Lantana TX

Elevate your Lantana residence with DFW Improved's all-encompassing services. Our team is ready to invigorate your space with impeccable painting, roofing, and flooring work. Connect with us to kickstart your home's renovation.

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Trusted Home Remodeler in Lantana TX

DFW Improved has an unmatched reputation and trust within Lantana. Our local roots and understanding of Lantana's unique style and community needs have enabled us to remodel numerous homes, leaving a legacy of satisfied homeowners. Comprehending Lantana's distinct regulatory landscape and architectural charm, our expertise shines through. We personalize every project, ensuring it reflects your vision and our status as Lantana's preeminent home remodeler.

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Step into home refinement with DFW Improved in Lantana, TX. Embark on a streamlined remodel where your ideas meet our craftsmanship. Click 'Contact DFW Improved Today' to arrange your personalized consultation, unlocking your home's full potential.

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Insights on Home Remodeling in Lantana TX

Navigating a home renovation in Lantana, TX, means understanding the locality's architectural nuances and the intricacies of building permits and regulations. DFW Improved has curated key FAQs and advice specific to home remodeling in Lantana, helping streamline your renovation journey and ensuring a fulfilling outcome. Dive into this indispensable guide crafted to assist your decision-making and smooth the path to an opulent remodel with DFW Improved.

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Our Services Across Lantana TX and Surrounding Areas
Proudly Serving the North Dallas area, including Collin County and most of Denton & NE Tarrant Counties

DFW Improved extends its distinguished home remodeling services to every corner of Lantana, TX, and its neighboring locales. Committed to delivering unparalleled home transformation experiences, our coverage includes vibrant neighborhoods such as:

  • Lantana's Golf Estates
  • Lantana Golf Club
  • Terra Vista
  • Wimberley Place
  • Rayzor Ranch

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